The most common service provided is an external assessment. Its goal is to provide leaders with an unbiased view of their organization or a specific element of it. Though some are seeking to address an area of identified weakness, many are simply seeking outside expertise as part of a continuous improvement exercise.


In some cases, the focus is on diversity and inclusion. These engagements range in complexity from confidential conversations with leaders about the key issues in this area to comprehensive review of the firm's culture, processes, and rules. Training may be a useful complement to this work (more information on this is available on the learning page.)

More broadly, leaders often need confidential counsel. Sloane can serve as an advisor, putting forward views that may be hard to access for a variety of reasons and functioning as a sounding board. At times, this includes performing due diligence on investment vehicles and/or service providers. In such cases, the services may be subject to regulations pertaining to the provision of investment advice. 


Here are some examples of work performed by Sloane Ortel:

  • Making content-related process improvements at various organizations. 

  • Reviewing, revising, and renewing certain public-facing materials (presentations, white papers, websites, etc.).

  • Assisting with various aspects of ESG Integration, including alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

  • Assessing a firm's formal D&I policy, including family leave and equal pay provisions. 

  • Evaluating the capabilities of external service providers, including custodians, vendors, and third-party managers. 

  • Writing and editing materials for publication. 

  • Designing issue-specific surveys to support research efforts.

  • Recommending changes in administrative structure. 

  • Serving as an advisor to or member of a diversity & inclusion effort. 

  • Authoring and editing internal and public-facing content.

  • Designing digital learning experiences for professional audiences. 

  • Facilitating the examination and communication of organizational priorities.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

We begin equity, diversity, and inclusion oriented partnerships with a series of deep and somewhat blunt questions. We then work with you and certain key leaders to build a detailed sense of what our intervention is meant to do, how we will measure success, and the specific outcomes we are working towards.


River Orion will conduct a systematic review of your organization's written policies, analyze behavior patterns by examining certain datasets, and assess your external-facing presences to build an accurate picture of your current posture.


We deliver a confidential, comprehensive overview of the opportunities available to your organization and suggest a variety of steps that can be taken to seize them. These recommendations are carefully sorted by degrees of difficulty and expected bottom-line impact.  


When coupled with an earnest assessment of policies and procedures, we believe that training can usefully reinforce your good intentions. We offer a variety of programs designed to ensure you get the most of the impetus for change we create together, including group training and ongoing one-on-one conversations.


Investment Innovation

Environmental, Sustainability, & Governance Investing

Our principal has long been an active advocate for the use of ESG data in investment processes, and as a result River Orion is well positioned to support its clients in their integration journeys as a consultant, trainer, and registered investment adviser. This includes: 

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals Adoption: We believe investors should view the implementation of this framework as an opportunity to strengthen their investment decision-making process, and support their journeys with a mix of ad-hoc guidance, structured training, and customized staff development programs.

  • Holistic Due Diligence: Comprehensive due diligence of third-party managers and external service providers can take on new dimensions when ESG considerations are attached. To ensure nothing is missed, River Orion regularly evaluates vendors and investment vehicles on behalf of our clients. 

  • Special Projects: We love tackling new challenges. Let us know what you're thinking of taking on!

Cost-Aware Implementation

Many investors do not fully understand the impact of management fees and other costs of accessing investment returns. We are well versed at examining both direct and indirect costs, and can suggest a range of creative/collaborative strategies to access a given exposure more efficiently. 

Writing, Editing, & Making Meaning 

Come As You Are

We enjoy bringing experienced and constructive creative support to bear on behalf of our clients, and deploy a range of tools and tactics to support their objectives. Specifically, we are pleased to offer: 


  • Editorial review of documents, brochures, fund marketing materials, and other written/digital collateral. We specialize in providing constructive feedback, and can deliver a detailed understanding of how your audience will perceive a given work product. 

  • Co-creation of whitepapers, research studies, editorials, blog posts, and production calendars. We are skilled at turning high-level insights or expressive desires into detailed and programmatic output, and can offer particularly valuable support when our clients seek to reach an audience of investment professionals. 

  • Communications Workshops for teams, boards, and managers. Our team created the CFA Institute writing workshop series and delivered them to a variety of global, professional audiences ranging in size from 8 to 75 people. We will work with you to develop a format that meets your needs. 

  • Creative Facilitation to assist in idea generation for future content, finding new means of expressing your team's values, and exposing new opportunities available for pursuit.