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Our Story

River Orion helps entrepreneurs and investment organizations excel with value-added analysis, creative synthesis, and strategic intervention.

We take our name from the constellation Orion, which is one of the most recognizable patterns in the night sky to those who know how to look. It symbolizes our ability to "connect the dots" between seemingly disparate pieces of information and create clarity out of chaos.

Who We Are

Sloane Ortel is the ‘Inclusion in Wealth’ columnist at Citywire RIA, a co-host of the Free Money podcast, and a consultant for various institutional investors and trade bodies. She has been an active contributor to industry dialogues since her sophomore year in college, when she joined CFA Institute to build the Enterprising Investor and helped grow it into one of the most widely read investment blogs in the world.


Her writing has been featured in The Singapore Business Times, London City A.M., Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, Morningstar, and various other media. Outside of her work in the financial industry, she is active as a standup comedian and alpine ski racer.

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An Unbiased View

We provide leaders with trusted, confidential perspective to help them seize opportunity, support their staff, and lead their profession.

A Plan of Action

We deliver comprehensive intervention plans which include process designs, implementation guidance, and ongoing assistance. 


Organic Inclusion

We create fertile, friendly space for teams and their managers to resolve tension, build equity, and seize the opportunities inherent to diversity. 

Useful Innovation

We help you implement best practices in ESG, Impact, and Socially Responsible Investing to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Original Creation

We find the best words for complex thoughts and help them find the people who need to hear them internally, externally, and in media. 



Unconditional Alignment

We only work with organizations that share our bone-deep commitment to fiduciary stewardship, and take every practical step to eliminate conflicts of interest between our organizations. 

Unusual Fluency

We speak the languages of finance (accounting, statistics, probability, etc.) natively, and are able to translate them seamlessly into words that people understand, relate to, and enjoy.  

Unique Counsel

We are experts in constructive disagreement, complex communication, and creative synthesis, which makes us the ideal partner for navigating uncertain conditions and seizing new opportunities. 




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